Extensive Range of Gym Wear in Ashton, Bristol

Look good and feel great at Trojan Fitness. Based in Ashton, Bristol, we offer a vast selection of gym wear made from materials of the finest quality. From 

t-shirts and hoodies to tracksuit bottoms and bags, we have everything that you need for the ideal gym session. You are spoiled for choice with our sportswear that is all Trojan branded and boasts ultimate comfort.

Unique Designs 

We chose our own clothing range because we wanted our own design. Our established clothing line is worn by those who train and is also for appropriate as fashionable everyday wear. Offering items for both men and women, you are able to choose from different colours and sizes to suit your needs.  Delivery is available for the UK and you can also visit our store to browse the selection of gym wear that we offer. Items include:

Zip Hoodies
Sleeveless Hoodies