Trojan Events

Upcoming events

  • WSM Brian Shaw UK Tour Sunday 6th November 2pm
  • Trojan Fitness 'BootCamp' Tuesday 3rd May (8 weeks)
  • Best Of The Best 3 'fight night' May 21st
  • Great British bench off Sunday 22nd May  (charity event)

Mikhail Viktorovich Koklyaev

We are pleased to announce that Russian national weightlifting champion Mikhail Viktorovich Koklyaev is visiting us. He is only visiting four gyms in the UK, and we are one of them!


     In 2012, we started to host an array of exciting competitions. These include:

  • Strong Man Competition at The Robins pub in Bristol
  • Strong Man Competition at Ashton Gate Stadium in 2014
  • Strong Man Competition at a Bigger Arena in 2015
  • Wales Strongest Man U105
  • England’s Most Powerful Man U105


As a reputable gym, our team host other major events. International athletes competed in the South West King of Dead Lifts 2015 event that we hosted, and we also held the largest Strong Woman event in the country along with a prestigious bodyweight lifting competition. As well as working with both Bristol College and University, we have even had celebrities such as Lou Ferrigno (The Hulk) come to see our gym and work out with us.