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We pride ourselves on knowing exactly what we are selling and giving you suitable advice and guidance on each individual product. Depending on your personal goals, you are sure to find supplements that suit you. 

Contact us to acquire more information about our protein supplements and BCAAS.


Fuel your body to ensure that you consistently perform well and keep improving. The team at Trojan Fitness in Ashton, Bristol, has a wealth of knowledge on Trojan Nutrition products. Trojan products are regularly tested for the right protein levels. Although our protein supplements and BCAAS primarily cater to the boxing market, you are able to receive suitable advice and guidance on how the right products can boost your fitness and recovery, however you train.


Visit our jam-packed nutrition store at our gym. We offer our very own Trojan products alongside many other brands to suit all people and all types of training disciplines. We recently launched the ‘New Ultimate’ range to our selection of supplements, which includes Ultimate Recovery. With 8 years of development we are consistently building on our range so please contact us with your requirements and questions. 

Our range of supplements includes:

  • Pro Whey Advance 
  • Ultimate Gainer 
  • Diet Whey 
  • BCAA 
  • Glutamine 
  • Creatine 
  • Recharge and Go 
  • Ultimate Recovery 


Our first product is ULTIMATE RECOVERY and we have more products to

Benefits – it’s designed for the boxing market.

This was established 8 years ago and we decided to branch out into this
because we pride ourselves on knowing what we are selling and giving exactly what it says on the tin! It’s our product so we know what’s it in, we know what is does and its more personal. With it being all our own range, we can help with advice on what you need or what will help you.

The benefits are that it’s the knowledge we have on the products and its
regularity tested for protein levels on all products.

We can do shipping for the UK!